(A)   All backflow prevention assemblies shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions and those approved by the city. Only backflow preventers approved by the city shall be installed.
   (B)   All backflow prevention assemblies required by this chapter must be installed and maintained on the customer’s premises as part of the customer’s water system.
   (C)   Ownership, testing and maintenance of the backflow prevention assembly will be the responsibility of the customer. Each assembly required in this chapter must be functioning properly at all times.
   (D)   Testing of backflow prevention assemblies shall be conducted by a certified tester at the customer’s expense. Tests shall be conducted upon installation and annually thereafter with a record of all testing and repairs retained by the customer. A copy of the certified record for each test or repair must be sent to the city by such customer within 30 days after the completion of each test or repair. Such records must be maintained on forms provided by the city.
   (E)   Each backflow prevention assembly required under this chapter must be accessible to the city.
   (F)   When it is not possible to interrupt water service, the customer shall provide for the parallel installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly. The Director will not accept an unprotected bypass around a backflow preventer when the assembly is in need of testing, repair or replacement.
   (G)   Any time that repairs to backflow assemblies are deemed necessary, whether through annual testing or routine inspection by the owner or by the city, these repairs must be completed within a time specified in accordance with the degree of hazard. Repairs on a private water system considered to be an imminent hazard shall be completed within 24 hours, a high hazard shall be completed within ten days, and all other repairs within 20 days. For any other private water system, failure to comply can result in termination of a customer’s water service.
   (H)   Upon determination that a backflow prevention assembly is required to be installed on a customer’s private water system, the customer must install an approved backflow prevention assembly.
   (I)   The Director may require the installation of the required backflow prevention assembly immediately or within a shorter time period than specified above if he or she determines that any condition poses an unreasonable threat of contamination to the public water supply system. All devices required for new construction shall be installed prior to occupancy.
   (J)   All new construction plans and specifications shall be made available to the Director for approval and to determine the degree of hazard.
   (K)   The Director shall be notified by the customer when the nature of the use of property changes so as to change the hazard classification of the property.
(Ord. 615.0-2001, passed 11-19-2001)