(A)   The Administrator may on his or her own initiative or upon the written request of any person make an investigation to determine whether or not the storage, collection, maintenance or display of waste or solid wastes is in violation of § 51.50.
   (B)   After investigation, if the Administrator finds that there is reasonable cause to believe that a public nuisance exists, he or she shall forward a written notice of such finding to the Mayor, and shall mail a copy of said finding to the alleged violator.
   (C)   If within 72 hours after the receipt of the written notice by the alleged violator, the situation complained of by the Administrator has not been remedied, the Administrator, with the approval of the Mayor may remove from the subject premises the wastes or solid waste found to be the cause of the danger. Such removal shall be at the costs of the person served, and the Administrator, the Mayor, the city, or an agent thereof, shall not be liable for any trespass or conversion as to any real or personal property.
   (D)   The provisions of this section are in addition to and not in lieu of the penalty or proceedings prescribed in §§ 51.07 and 51.99.
(Ord. 830.3-1-86, passed 1-27-1986)