A.   No person shall operate a non-highway vehicle on the Village's streets, roadway or alleys without first obtaining an annual permit from the Village as provided herein. A permit shall be valid, unless suspended or revoked, for a period of one (1) year. The annual cost of the permit shall be twenty dollars ($20.00). If a person has a valid permit for the non-highway vehicle from the Dixon Park District for OHV use on the Stengel Trail, there shall be no cost. Every non-highway vehicle shall be required to have a permit.
   B.   Every application for a permit shall be made on a form supplied by the Village and shall contain the following information:
      1.   Name and address of applicant;
      2.   Name of insurance carrier and policy number and/or a photocopy of applicable liability insurance coverage card issued specifically for the non-highway vehicle to be operated pursuant to the permit;
      3.   The serial number, make, and model and description of the non- highway vehicle;
      4.   A certification from the applicant that the non-highway vehicle satisfies the requirements of this chapter and the Illinois Vehicle Code; and
      5.   Such other information as the Village may require, including a release and waiver of liability signed by applicant releasing the Village and its employees, and agreeing to indemnify and hold the Village harmless, including the costs of defense, from any and all claims, penalties, costs, judgments, settlements or causes of action resulting or arising from the operation of applicant's non-highway vehicle on Village streets.
   C.   Each person operating a non-highway vehicle shall carry the permit issued by the Village at all times during the operation of said vehicle.
      1.   A permit number will be assigned by the Village. It is the applicant's responsibility to mark their non-highway vehicle with a three inch (3") assigned permit number. The permit number must be securely mounted and unobstructed and visible from the rear. (Ord. 753-17, 2-13-2017)