(A)   There is hereby established in the county a fund known as the Arrestee’s Medical Costs Fund. Monies in the Fund shall be used solely for reimbursement of costs for medical expenses relating to arrestees and administration of the Fund.
   (B)   There is hereby established a $10 fee for each conviction or order of supervision for a criminal violation, other than a petty or business offense. The fee shall be taxed as costs to be collected from a defendant upon conviction or entry of an order of supervision. Said fee shall not be considered a part of the fine for purposes of any reduction in the fine.
   (C)   When medical or hospital services are required by any person held in custody the county, or the arresting authority shall be entitled to obtain reimbursement from the Arrestee’s Medical Costs Fund to the extent monies are available from the Fund. To the extent that the person is reasonably able to pay for that care, including reimbursement from any insurance program or from other medical benefits available to the person, he or she shall reimburse the county.
   (D)   No provision of the resolution from which the provisions of this section derive shall prohibit the State’s Attorney, if requested by the County Board, from instituting civil actions to recover from such convicted confined persons the expenses incurred by his or her confinement.
   (E)   The resolution from which the provisions of this section derive is effective upon its passage by the County Board.
(Res. 1996-214, passed 12-17-1996)
Statutory reference:
   Similar provisions; maximum fee, see 730 ILCS 125/17