(A)   This chapter’s protection standard is the base flood. The best available base flood data are listed below. Whenever a party disagrees with the best available data, the party shall finance the detailed engineering study needed to replace the existing data with better data and submit it to FEMA and IDNR/OWR for approval prior to any development of the site.
   (B)   The base flood elevation for the floodplains of Big Creek Tributary, Pond Creek and Ewing Creek shall be as delineated on the 100-year flood profiles in the countywide flood insurance study of the county prepared by FEMA on November 18, 2009.
   (C)   The base flood elevation for each floodplain delineated as an “AH Zone” or “AO Zone” shall be that elevation (or depth) delineated on the countywide flood insurance rate map.
   (D)   The base flood elevation for each of the remaining floodplains delineated as a “A Zone” on the countywide flood insurance rate map shall be according to the best data available from federal, state or sources. Should no other data exist, an engineering study must be financed by the applicant to determine base flood elevations.
(Ord. 2009-05, passed 9-22-2009)