§ 91.51  REDEMPTION.
   (A)   When the owner of any animal impounded pursuant to divisions § 91.50(A)(2) through (A)(5) desires to redeem said animal, the following procedure shall be followed.
      (1)   At the time of impoundment the Animal Control Officer shall prepare an impoundment form to be approved by the Administrator indicating the fine of $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second offense, $100 for the third offense, with space provided for the total amount of board.
      (2)   The impounding authority shall place on the impoundment form previously prepared by the Animal Control Officer a charge of $5 per day for each day or part thereof which the animal was impounded.
      (3)   At the time of release, the owner shall present a current rabies inoculation certificate and a receipt from the Treasurer showing that the total amount due, as indicated by the impoundment form, has been paid.
      (4)   If no current rabies inoculation certificate is available, a warning ticket is to be issued and the owner must sign the warning ticket acknowledging ownership of the animal and acknowledging receipt of notice stating the owner understands the animal must be vaccinated for rabies within five days, in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   All amounts collected by the Treasurer, pursuant to this section, shall be placed in the Animal Control Fund and shall be used in paying the costs of operating the Animal Control Program more particularly set forth in § 91.20(F).
(Ord. 2001-01, passed 6-19-2001)