(A)   The County Judge/Executive shall nominate qualified persons to serve on boards and commissions. Such appointments may be placed on the agenda of any regular or special meeting of the Fiscal Court. If state law requires approval by the Fiscal Court of the nomination, the Fiscal Court shall act on such nomination within 60 days. If the Fiscal Court does not act on the nomination within the 60- day time period, said nomination will be deemed rejected by the Fiscal Court. A majority of the Fiscal Court members present at a meeting shall vote in favor of the nomination in order for it to be approved.
   (B)   The Fiscal Court may require the nominee to appear at a public hearing for the purpose of questioning about matters related to the position for which he or she has been nominated. The nominee will be notified by mail if this is the Court’s intention. The Fiscal Court shall provide the nominee with an opportunity to make a statement concerning his or her nomination and qualifications.
   (C)   No person shall be selected as a member of a board or commission if that person holds or is employed in a position that is incompatible with the one for which he or she is nominated.
   (D)   In the event the Fiscal Court rejects the nominee, the County Judge/Executive shall submit additional nominations, not to exceed ten for any one position; and, if Fiscal Court rejects all ten, the County Judge/Executive shall appoint a person to serve on a temporary basis, not to exceed one year.
   (E)   When state law does not require Fiscal Court approval of an appointment, the County Judge/Executive shall make that appointment. Within 30 days of making the appointment, the County Judge/Executive shall notify the Fiscal Court in writing of the appointment. The notice may be filed with the County Clerk.
   (F)   Before any board or commission member may be dismissed, that person shall be presented, in writing, a list of reasons setting forth the basis for the dismissal. The notice shall be delivered via registered mail to the last known address of the individual being dismissed. The County Judge/Executive shall conduct a termination conference no sooner than ten, and no later than 21, days after receipt of the reason for dismissal. At the conference, the person being dismissed will have the opportunity to respond, to be represented by counsel and to call witnesses. The County Judge/Executive shall issue a written opinion, which shall contain the findings of fact and his or her determination, and shall cause a copy of it to be provided contemporaneously to members of the Fiscal Court.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 1.3)