(A)   The County Judge/Executive may designate by written executive order, within 30 days of assuming office, a Deputy Judge/Executive who shall serve consistent with KRS 67.711 as Judge/ Executive in the absence of the County Judge/Executive.
   (B)   The County Judge/Executive shall be deemed absent when he or she is physically absent from the county, physically disabled or prevented by other emergency beyond control which would prevent from physically attending meetings of the Fiscal Court. A vacation, including one taken within the county, shall be considered an absence.
   (C)   Such appointment of a Deputy Judge/Executive shall continue until such time as the County Judge/Executive publishes a written revocation of the appointment or makes a new appointment or upon the resignation of the Deputy County Judge/Executive.
   (D)   The Deputy Judge/Executive shall have all administrative powers and authority as the County Judge/Executive. The Deputy Judge/Executive shall not chair or vote on the Fiscal Court.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 1.2)