(A)   When the prerequisites have been met for use of the negotiated process, the County Judge/ Executive shall proceed to negotiate with one or more suppliers in order to obtain the most advantageous terms for the county.
   (B)   Professional services shall be negotiated with such persons as are properly licensed to perform such services.
   (C)   Where more than one bid is received, and all are in excess of the amount available, the lowest three bidders shall be notified that the county desires to negotiate a contract for a lesser amount based on revised quantities or specifications and fix a time limit for submission of proposals.
   (D)   The County Judge/Executive examines the proposals received and shall negotiate with the suppliers for the terms most advantageous to the county.
   (E)   The best-negotiated proposal shall be submitted to the Fiscal Court for approval and award. The County Judge/Executive shall prepare a record of all negotiated contracts, showing the items and quantities acquired, name of suppliers, cost and date of contract.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 4.5)