(A)   The County Judge/Executive shall place an advertisement in the local newspaper of the largest circulation in the county and on the county website at least once, but not less than seven, nor more than 21, days before a bid opening. The advertisement will include the time and place the bid will be opened and the time and place where the specifications may be obtained. If the durability of the product, the qualities of the service or other factors are to be considered in the bid selection, such factors shall be stated in the advertisement.
   (B)   The County Judge/Executive shall open all bids publicly at the time and place stated in the advertisement and shall select the lowest and best bid by a qualified bidder. If the lowest bid is not selected, the reasons for the selection shall be stated.
   (C)   The county, at its discretion, and unless otherwise prohibited by law, may provide a 5% price advantage to local qualified vendors.
   (D)   Local qualified vendors are those vendors who: have as their principle place of business located in the county and who are licensed and in good standing with all local, state and federal licensing requirements. Such qualified vendors submitting bids which are 5% or less higher than other competing bids may be considered low bids. The Court shall in the required advertisement state local qualified bidder criteria.
   (E)   The County Judge/Executive shall submit the lowest and best bid selected to the Fiscal Court for approval.
   (F)   The County Judge/Executive shall sign the contract on behalf of the county upon approval of the Fiscal Court.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 4.2)