(A)   Permitted temporary signs.
      (1)   Political signs. These regulations shall apply to all types of political signage, including those advertising a specific candidate for political office or those advocating a particular preference with regard to a position on a referendum. Political signs are temporary signs that can be placed on property within all zoning districts. No permit shall be required for the placement of a political sign on private property with the property owners’ consent.
         (a)   Location: Political signs shall only be permitted on private property, in all zoning districts with the property owners’ consent. Political signs shall be expressly prohibited at the following locations:
            (1)   Within any public right-of-way that is included in the corporate limits.
            (2)   On any trees.
            (3)   On any principal or accessory building.
            (4)   On any utility poles.
            (5)   On any traffic poles or sign structures.
            (6)   In any manner or at any location determined by the village to create a visual hazard for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
         (b)   Number: No more than one sign per candidate, political party, or "issue" per public right of way.
         (c)   Illumination: Illumination of political signs is prohibited.
         (d)   Types: The types of permitted political signs shall include only yard signs, which can be placed only in a front yard no closer than five feet to a public sidewalk. Corner lots shall have two front yards for purposes of this chapter.
         (e)   Materials: All political signs shall be mounted on a wooden or metal post.
         (f)   Height: The maximum height of a political sign shall not exceed four feet from the ground to the top of the sign or post.
         (g)   Area: The maximum sign area for a political sign shall be four square feet.
(Ord. 2243, passed 11-21-05; Am. Ord. 2691, passed 1-24-11)