The Chief of Police shall conduct a thorough examination into the background and experience of all persons seeking licenses under the provisions of this chapter. If such examination results in findings of fact which the Chief of Police believes may disqualify the applicant as a licensee, he shall report his findings to the Village President. If the Village President shall find that the license applicant should not be issued a license, he shall notify the applicant of this fact. The Village President may instruct the Village Clerk not to issue a license for any one of the following reasons:
   (A)   That the applicant lacks good character and reputation in the community, which character and reputation may be determined by previous arrest record, association with persons known to lack good moral character, acts of moral turpitude, or other conduct contrary to good morals.
   (B)   That the applicant has previously been charged and convicted with a violation of other ordinances of the village or the statutes of the state, except for traffic violations.
   (C)   That the applicant has outstanding judgments against him, or is otherwise determined to be not financially able to carry out the activities for which a license is sought.
(Ord. 1068, passed 11-2-81)