(A)   All applications for licenses required under this subchapter shall be made in writing to the Village Clerk on a form provided for that purpose, accompanied by the applicable license fee. Each application should be made prior to 30 days before the same is requested to be issued to allow a period for a proper examination and investigation to allow proper determination of whether the application should be granted.
   (B)   Every application for a license shall contain the name, residence address, phone number and social security or employer’s identification number of the applicant; state whether the applicant is an individual, partnership or corporation, and if a partnership, the names and residence addresses of the general partners, and if a corporation, the names and residence addresses of its principal officers and if closely held, its principal stockholders; the type or kind of license desired; the location or proposed location of the business; the occupation or activity for which the license is sought; the state sales tax number of the applicant; the fee to be paid; and such other information as may be reasonably required.
   (C)   The Village Clerk shall be the custodian of all applications for licenses which, under the provisions of this subchapter, are required to be made to her.
(Ord. 1068, passed 11-2-81)