(A)   No recreational vehicle may be parked on any street, alley, public parking lot or public way. Recreational vehicles parked in a front private driveway shall not be parked in excess of 48 hours in any seven-day period. No recreational vehicle may be stored or parked on private property within a residentially zoned area in excess of 48 hours unless such vehicle is parked on an approved paved surface, is not located in any required front, side or rear setback as defined by the Zoning Code,  is screened from view from the public street by a fence or landscaping, or is located no less than three feet behind the front wall, as extended, of the primary structure of the lot.
   (B)   For  the  purposes  of  this  section,  “recreational  vehicles”  includes  but  is  not  limited  to every camping trailer, motor home, mini-motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, boat, boat trailer, snowmobile, snowmobile trailer or van camper or any other vehicle including air, land or watercraft used primarily for recreational purposes and not used commercially nor owned by a commercial business.
(Ord. 1879, passed 1-7-02; Am. Ord. 3157, passed 5-21-18)  Penalty, see § 10.99