The Building Commissioner of the Village, and such deputies or assistants that have or shall be duly appointed by the Board of Trustees, shall enforce this ordinance and shall:
   A.   Issue all building permits, and make and maintain all records thereof.
   B.   Issue all certificates of occupancy, and make and maintain records thereof.
   C.   Conduct inspections of buildings, structures, and uses of land to determine compliance with the terms of this ordinance.
   D.   Maintain permanent and current records of this ordinance, including, but not limited to, all maps, amendments, special uses, variations, appeals and applications thereof.
   E.   Provide and maintain a public information bureau relative to all matters arising out of this ordinance.
   F.   Initiate, direct and review, from time to time, a study of the provisions of this ordinance and make reports of its recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals not less than once a year. (Ord. 89-54, 6-26-1989)