9-1-5-13: SELF-STORAGE:
   A.   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to regulate the use and location of areas provided for self-storage. Such regulations are to protect the public safety and general welfare, assure compatibility with area development and intended uses, and to protect and maintain property values.
   B.   General Requirements:
      1.   Special Use Requirement: Self-storage shall be established by special use in accordance with section 9-1-6-10 of this ordinance.
      2.   Special Use Conditions And Guarantees: In accordance with section 9-1-6-10 of this ordinance, the Zoning Board shall include, but not be limited to, the following conditions and guarantees in the special use:
         a.   The entire tax parcel must be surrounded by a six foot (6') chainlink fence with a secured gate at the entrance.
         b.   Availability to the public and hours of use by the public are restricted to the hours between seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. and seven o'clock (7:00) P.M.
         c.   All exterior lighting fixtures shall be installed as to reflect the light away from adjacent residential property.
         d.   All storage shall be contained within the buildings. There will be no storage outside of the buildings. Storage areas shall not contain toxic, flammable, volatile materials.
         e.   An alarm system with detectors shall be submitted to the fire inspector for approval. Fire hydrant location to be in accordance with code.
         f.   All driveways should be looped for emergency vehicles. (Ord. 2013-05, 3-12-2013)