A.   Business Licenses: "Home occupations", as defined in section 9-1-2 of this ordinance, require a yearly business license. Prior to the issuance of such a license, the business owner shall submit to the plan commission information regarding the proposed use of a residence for a home occupation. The plan commission will determine if the business qualifies as a home occupation, if appropriate licensing is possessed, and if the residence is suitable for a home occupation. Upon determination that the home occupation meets the criteria established, the plan commission shall grant approval for the licensing of the business as a home occupation.
   B.   Restrictions: All home occupations shall be subject to the following restrictions:
      1.   There are no signs other than those permitted for residential districts.
      2.   No excessive activity occurs on the residential property which would indicate from the exterior that the building is used in whole or in part for any purpose other than a dwelling.
      3.   No more than one person, other than the immediate family residing on the premises, is employed or otherwise engaged in the home occupation.
      4.   No accessory building or storage is used in whole or in part for the operation of the home occupation. (Ord. 2013-05, 3-12-2013)