9-1-5-10: HELIPORTS:
   A.   Purpose: The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate the use and location of areas provided for takeoff and landing of helicopters, hereafter known as heliports. Such regulations are to protect the public safety and general welfare, assure compatibility with area development and intended uses, and to protect and maintain property values.
   B.   General Requirements:
      1.   Location: Heliports shall be located on parcels of property of three (3) acres or more. Said parcel shall be located in a nonresidential zoning district.
      2.   Special Use Requirement: Heliports shall be established by special use in accordance with section 9-1-6-10 of this ordinance.
      3.   Special Use Conditions And Guarantees: In accordance with section 9-1-6-10 of this ordinance, the zoning board shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following conditions and guarantees in the special use:
         a.   Conformance to all FAA regulations.
         b.   Heliport use shall be limited to one aircraft per special use owned or rented by the holder of the special use.
         c.   Heliport use shall be limited to hours from dusk to dawn for aircraft operated by the holder of the special use, except in emergency situations.
         d.   Aircraft using the heliport shall not transport materials which cannot travel within the interior of the aircraft. Said materials shall not be of the type as to potentially cause physical harm to people, animals, wildlife, or the environment (e.g., noxious chemicals, hazardous waste, etc.).
         e.   Storage of fuel for the aircraft shall not be located above the ground.
         f.   When parcels of property, upon which a heliport is located, are adjacent to property zoned residential, the heliport shall be located at the farthest possible point from the residential property, but in no case shall it be closer than one hundred feet (100').
         g.   The heliport is subject to screening regulations as determined by the zoning board or site plan review board. (Ord. 89-54, 6-26-1989)