9-1-6-13: APPEALS:
   A.   Initiation Of Appeal: An appeal may be made by any person, firm or corporation, or by any office, department, board or bureau aggrieved by a decision of the office of the building commissioner under this ordinance.
   B.   Procedures: The procedures for an appeal hearing will be in accordance with the procedures duly established by the village board of trustees in accordance with Illinois statute. (Ord. 89-54, 6-26-1989; amd. Ord. 2006-38, 11-14-2006)
   C.   Fee: The fee for appeals from the building commissioner's rulings will be four hundred dollars ($400.00) plus seven hundred dollars ($700.00) for each meeting required for any hearings. (Ord. 2010-04, 1-12-2010)