If the Community Development Director shall find that any sign is unsafe or insecure, or is a menace to the public, or has been constructed or erected, or is being maintained in violation of the provisions of this chapter or other provisions of the zoning ordinance, he shall give written notice to the permittee thereof and to the owner of the property as shown on the most recent tax rolls. If the permittee and/or owner fails to make corrections or fails to remove or alter the sign within twenty (20) days after said notice, the sign may be removed by the Community Development Director at the expense of the permittee and/or owner of the property upon which it is located. However, the Community Development Director may cause any sign which is in immediate peril to persons or property or which was erected in flagrant disregard for this chapter, to be removed summarily with or without prior notice, at the owner's expense. Notice will then be sent out within three (3) days after its removal. (Ord. 2017-54, 11-28-2017)