The provisions and regulations of this chapter shall not apply to the following signs; provided, however, said signs shall be subject to the provisions of unsafe and unlawful signs. Exempted signs which do not conform to the given standards are unlawful.
   A.   Temporary real estate signs not exceeding six (6) square feet in area which specifically advertise the sale, rental, lease or management of the premises upon which said signs are located. Such signs shall not be located in a public right-of-way or on any other property except the lot or parcel which is for sale and shall not be closer than eight feet (8') to any other zoning lot. Signs on waterfront and commercial property shall not exceed sixteen (16) square feet. No more than one sign may be displayed facing each street or waterfront on which it faces.
For any dwelling offered for sale by any person, not more than two (2) open house signs not exceeding six (6) square feet in area, which direct traffic to real estate being advertised for sale, rental or lease or management, only one of which may be placed on the parkway of the closest major intersection to the aforementioned real estate; such signs shall only be allowed to be displayed on the day of the open house and must be removed immediately thereafter. No more than three (3) directional signs of one square foot shall be allowed.
   B.   Nameplate signs denoting only the name and profession of an occupant in a commercial building, home or public institutional building, and not exceeding six (6) square feet in area may be displayed. On a corner zoning lot two (2) such signs, one facing each street, shall be permitted.
   C.   Directional signs are monument, projecting or wall signs which identify essential service areas of a premises, e.g., "Receiving", "Office", "Parking", etc. Such sign must be incidental to the principal signage of the premises in terms of size and shall be compatible with the principal signage in terms of style, color, graphics, etc. In the Downtown Zoning District, a directional sign shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area.
   D.   Signage advertising a garage sale shall be limited to one on premises sign and a maximum of two (2) off-premises signs, each of which shall not be larger than two and one-half (21/2) square feet in area or have a height of more than three feet (3') above grade. Such signage shall be affixed with a sticker supplied by the Village indicating that the required garage sale permit has been issued. In addition, such signage shall be self-supporting and not attached to any utility pole, light pole, or street sign, and shall be removed within twenty four (24) hours of when the garage sale ends. Attention getting devices, including balloons, streamers, special lighting, noise making devices and similar displays, shall not be used to call attention to the garage sale.
   E.   Plaques or tablets, denoting names of buildings and date of erection or names of buildings or dates cut into any masonry surface (commonly known as cornerstone).
   F.   Traffic and other signs erected by the Village, legal notices, railroad crossing signs, danger, and such emergency or non- advertising signs as may be approved by the Chief of Police for safety purposes or by the Village Board.
   G.   Decorations displayed in connection with civic, patriotic or religious holidays.
   H.   Flags, emblems and insignia of political, civic, philanthropic, religious or educational organizations displayed for noncommercial purposes. Campaign signs shall not qualify under this section.
   I.   Flags, emblems, notices and signs of an official court, public office or governmental unit displayed for noncommercial purposes.
   J.   House nameplate signs not exceeding one and one-half (11/2) square feet in area.
   K.   Temporary, decorative, and holiday lighting shall be installed for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days. (Ord. 2017-54, 11-28-2017)