A.   The Village recognizes that signs perform an important function in identifying properties, businesses, services, residences, events and other matters of public interest. This chapter establishes the standards for the location, quantity and characteristics of signs throughout the Village. All newly proposed signs must meet the standards listed within this chapter. Legally existing signs that are not in conformity with this chapter will be considered nonconforming. Specifically, it is the intent of this chapter to:
      1.   Encourage Effective Communication: Encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication and identification for properties in the Village.
      2.   Maintain And Enhance Village Character: Maintain a pleasing appearance and enhance the attractive and unique character of the Village and of property signage and enhance the aesthetic environment of the Village.
      3.   Attract Business: Preserve Fox Lake as a community that is attractive to businesses and allows high-quality creative sign expression.
      4.   Improve Safety: Improve pedestrian and traffic safety by providing them safe passage by regulating the location, illumination, size, design components, construction, installation and maintenance of signage.
      5.   Minimize Adverse Effects: Minimize the possible adverse effects of signs on nearby public and private property and protect and enhance property values and private/public investments in property.
      6.   Define Area: Allow signs to provide a style or type which can help preserve, establish or define a specific area or specific character for an area in the Village.
   B.   The purpose of this chapter is to allocate permitted signage for properties within the Village based on the land use of the property. Depending upon the type of sign being proposed, a permit may be required. Where required to obtain a permit, the sign will be reviewed for compliance with sound construction practices per appropriate building codes as well as to ensure that life and safety requirements are met and the provisions of this chapter are complied with. Provisions of this chapter regulating the location, type, size, purpose, placement, sign copy area, projection, height and number of signs shall be further subject to any applicable provisions of the Village, where this chapter differs in any manner from the provisions of the Building Code, planned unit development ordinance relating to a specific property, annexation agreement or other applicable ordinance. Where the provisions of this chapter conflict with the provisions of an annexation agreement, planned unit development ordinance or other development agreement, the provisions of such other document will prevail and the provisions of this chapter shall only be supplemental to such other document. All illustrations provided are for reference only and do not reflect limitations on design or content of the sign. (Ord. 2017-54, 11-28-2017)