A.   Damage to Streets:
      1.   No person shall damage or deface any street, alley, sidewalk, public way, park or other public property; or any post, wire, lamp, street sign, traffic sign, tree, grass, vegetation, gutter, drain, manhole or any other appurtenance thereon, except as may be authorized by the Village. (1975 Code §5.02)
      2.   No motor vehicle, heavy machinery, apparatus or other vehicle, instrumentality or chattel weighing in excess of one thousand five hundred (1,500) pounds, or so constituted otherwise as to create a likelihood of damaging curbing, shall be driven or otherwise transported over the curb of any public street within the Village.
   B.   Obstructing Streets:
      1.   No person shall obstruct or endanger the free passage or proper use by the public of any street, sidewalk, alley or public place, except as may be permitted by this Chapter.
      2.   Goods, wares and merchandise may be placed on sidewalks for such reasonable time as may be necessary while loading and unloading, provided pedestrian traffic is not obstructed. (1975 Code §5.04)
   C.   Debris in Streets:
      1.   No person shall litter or deposit any foreign matter including mud, earth or gravel brought in by vehicles on any street, alley, sidewalk, park or public place, except building materials and merchandise as permitted under this Chapter, or as may be permitted by the Board of Trustees.
      2.   Any person violating this subsection shall be liable for the cost of removal of the foreign matter in addition to the penalty provided for violation of this Code. (1975 Code §5.09)
   D.   Burning Leaves and Rubbish: 1 No person shall burn any leaves, paper, rubbish or other substances upon any street, sidewalk or alley. (1975 Code §5.10)
   E.   Driving on Parkways Prohibited: No person shall drive or cause to be propelled, any automobile, truck, trailer or similar vehicle across any public parkway in the Village, except upon an approved driveway authorized by the Board of Trustees as hereinafter provided, that is in good condition. (Ord. 80-10, 3-3-80)



1. See also Section 4-1-1-7 of this Code.