A.   Plan: All lots, buildings and structures in the village shall be numbered in accordance with the following plan:
      1.   The baseline for streets running northerly and southerly shall be Grand Avenue, and numbers lying north or south thereof shall be designated north, or south, as the case may be. The baseline for streets running easterly and westerly shall be State Route 12, and numbers lying east or west of this line shall be designated east, or west, as the case may be.
      2.   Even numbers shall be on the north and west sides of the street.
      3.   Odd numbers shall be on the south and east sides of the streets. (1975 Code § 1.09)
   B.   Chart: The building commissioner shall keep a chart showing the proper street number of every lot in the village, which chart shall be open to inspection to anyone interested. (1975 Code § 1.11)
   C.   Placing Numbers: It shall be the duty of the owner and occupant of every building in the village to have placed thereon in a place visible from the street, reflective figures (numbers) at least four inches (4") high showing the number of the building. If the building is not visible from the street the placement of the figures shall be approved by the building commissioner. Any person failing to so number any building owned or occupied by him after receiving notice to do so by the building commissioner shall be fined a minimum of twenty five dollars ($25.00) per day for each day on which the failure to number the building continues. (Ord. 2001-53, 9-25-2001)