It shall be unlawful for any person to install, erect, construct, reconstruct, alter, or add to, or cause to be installed, erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered or added to, any fuel burning, combustion or process equipment or device, or any equipment pertaining thereto, or any stack or chimney connected therewith, within the village except locomotives, steamship and internal combustion engines; or to make or cause to be made, major repairs to any high pressure boiler furnace or the brickwork on or about the same in the village, until an application for installation and operating permits on form supplied by the building commissioner, such application shall include suitable land and specifications of the fuel burning, combustion or process equipment or device, or high pressure boiler furnace repair, and the structures or buildings used in connection therewith, has been filed in duplicate by the owner, contractor, installer, or other person, or his agent, in the office of, and has been approved by, the building commissioner as being so designed that the same can be managed and operated to conform to this section, and an installation permit issued by him for such installation, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, addition to, or repair.
Maintenance or repairs or alterations which are minor in scope or do not change the capacity of such fuel burning, combustion or process equipment or device and which do not involve any change in the method of combustion or materially affect the emission of smoke, dust, fumes, or other products of combustion therefrom, may be made without an installation permit in the event an emergency arises and serious consequences would result if the repair were to be deferred. The repair may be made prior to the application for, and the issuance of, a required installation permit. When such repair is made in emergency, application for an installation permit or an operating permit therefor shall be filed in duplicate by the person or his agent in the Office of the Building Commissioner within a reasonable time after the start of such work. (1975 Code § 9.08)