A.   It shall be unlawful for any person to keep an inoperable motorboat or any parts thereof on any private property located within the village and in view of the general public.
   B.   "Inoperable motorboat" means a motorboat from which, for a period of at least thirty (30) days, the engine or outdrive has been removed or on which the engine, outdrive or hull have been damaged so that the motorboat is incapable of being operated on a waterway, but it shall not include a motorboat which has been rendered temporarily incapable of being operated under its own motor power in order to perform ordinary service or repair operations which will be completed within thirty (30) days.
   C.   The village shall, prior to the commencement of any prosecution under this section, give written notice of the violation of the provisions of this chapter either by personally serving said notice upon the owner of the property on which the motorboat is located or by sending a copy of said notice by certified mail to the owner of said property. Said notice shall provide that unless said person disposes of the inoperable motorboat or parts thereof within seven (7) days, the village will commence prosecution for the violation and/or have said motorboat or parts thereof removed from the property. (Ord. 2002-11, 3-18-2002)