A.   No license shall be issued for the conduct of any business, and no permit shall be issued for any purpose or activity, if the premises and building to be used for the purpose do not fully comply with all applicable ordinances and regulations of the Village and the State.
   B.   During the period in which indoor seating in restaurants and bars is either prohibited or significantly limited due to restrictions imposed by the Governor’s Restore Illinois Program, restaurants are authorized to provide outdoor food and beverage service pursuant to the following restrictions:
      1.   The Community Development Department shall generate a Permit Submittal and Process for Temporary Outdoor Dining and make it available to all restaurants in the Village and members of the general public.
      2.   Any restaurant business that desires to open with temporary outdoor seating shall be required to obtain and sign said permit and agree to be bound by the terms thereof.
      3.   No permit fee shall be charged for said permit.
      4.   The provisions of this Title shall be available to enable the Village to enforce the obligations and restrictions set forth in the permit provided for in this section. (Ord. 94-13, 6-6-1994; amd. Ord. 2020-16, 6-9-2020)