(a)     "ANCHORING SYSTEM." An approved system of straps, cables, turnbuckles, chains, ties, or other approved materials used to secure a manufactured or mobile home.
   (b)     "DESIGN, RESIDENTIAL." A manufactured home which has the same siding materials and pitched shingled roofs as used on conventional homes.
   (c)     "DESIGN, STANDARD." A bowed metal roof and aluminum siding, the traditional "mobile home" look.
   (d)     "FOUNDATION SIDING OR SKIRTING." A type of wainscoting constructed of fire and weather resistant material such as aluminum, treated pressed wood, or other approved materials, enclosing the entire undercarriage of the manufactured or mobile home.
   (e)     "MANUFACTURED OR MOBILE HOME." A residential dwelling unit fabricated in an off-site manufacturing facility for installation or assembly at the building site bearing a seal certifying that it is built in compliance with the "National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act" and defined herein as a manufactured home, and meeting the requirements of a manufactured home as defined in Ohio R.C. 4501.01.
     (f)     "PERMANENT PERIMETER ENCLOSURE." A foundation which forms a complete enclosure under exterior walls.
   (g)     "PERMANENT FOUNDATION." Any structural system for transposing loads from a structure to the earth at a depth below the established frost line without exceeding the safe bearing capacity of the supporting soil.
   (h)     "RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (RV)." A vehicular portable structure built on a chassis and not exceeding a gross weight of 4,500 pounds when factory-equipped for the road or an overall length of 40 feet and designed to be used as a temporary dwelling, travel, recreational, and vacation uses.
   (i)     "SECTION." A unit of a manufactured home at least ten body feet in width and 30 body feet in length.
   (j)     "SUPPORT SYSTEM." A pad or a combination of footing, piers, caps, plates, and shims, which when properly installed, support the manufactured or mobile home.
(Ord. 2016-19.  Passed 5-17-16.)