(a)   Purpose.  Procedures and design guidelines for review of site plans are established to achieve, among others the following purposes:
      (1)   To provide for the integration of new developments with the surrounding environment.
      (2)   To insure that new development will make proper use of the natural environment.
      (3)   To insure that sites are properly designed for traffic circulation and emergency access.
      (4)   To provide assurances that a single development, or one built in progressive stages, will be completed in accord with the approved design.
      (5)   To assure compliance with the specific requirements of the Zoning Code.
   (b)   Review Required. 
      (1)   A site plan shall be submitted to the City Planning Commission for the approval of any development, except single-family, two-family and three-family residential, or for any change of land usage that will involve different off-street parking and/or setback requirements.  Site plans shall also be submitted for substantive changes in the traffic circulation pattern within a site, such as the addition of a drive-through component to an existing restaurant.  Every site plan submitted to the Planning Commission shall be in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, and shall be in such form, as the Planning Commission shall prescribe in its rules.
      (2)   The site plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission at least fourteen days and no later than 4:00 p.m. on the 14th day in advance of the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Unless the applicant agrees to an extension of time in writing, the Planning Commission shall take one of the following courses of action at that meeting:
         A.   Approval, in which case the Zoning Officer may issue a zoning certificate.
         B.   Conditional approval, setting forth, in writing, the conditions upon which approval is granted.  In the case of a conditional approval, the applicant shall submit to the Zoning Officer a revised site plan showing any and all requirements of the Commission.  If the Zoning Officer determines that all conditions have been satisfied on the amended site plan, a zoning certificate may be issued.
         C.   Disapproval, in which case no zoning certificate may be issued.  A new site plan must be prepared for consideration by the Commission.  Should the Commission disapprove a site plan, it shall record the reasons there for in the minutes of its meeting, and send a copy to the applicant for site plan approval.
      (3)   The following information shall be included on the site plan.
         A.   A scale no smaller than one inch equals thirty feet if the subject property is less than three acres, and one inch equals one hundred feet if three acres or more.
         B.   Date, north point, and scale.
         C.   The dimensions of all lot and property lines, showing the relationship of the subject property to abutting properties.
         D.   The location of all existing and proposed structures (including signs) on the subject property.
         E.   The location of all existing and proposed sidewalks, drives, and parking areas, including the proposed parking layout.  The location of access drives to parcels within 100 feet of the property shall also be indicated.
         F.   The location of right-of-way widths of all abutting streets and alleys.
         G.   The proposed means of storm water control as necessary to achieve five-year storm retention, the proposed locations of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer lines and proposed measures for erosion control.
         H.   The location and design of any screening devices that may be required by this Code.
         I.   The delivery plans/parking plans of delivery trucks if required.
         J.   The names and addresses of the architect, planner, designer, engineer, or persons responsible for the preparation of the site plan.  Site plans shall be signed and stamped as approved by an Ohio registered professional engineer when the design requires calculation for storm water retention, sanitary sewer and/or pavement design.
      (4)   In the process of reviewing the site plan, the Planning Commission shall consider:
         A.   The location and design of driveways providing vehicular ingress to and egress from the site, in relation to streets giving access to the site, and in relation to pedestrian traffic.
         B.   The traffic circulation features within the site and location of automobile parking areas; and may make such requirements with respect to any matters as will assure:
            1.   Safety and convenience of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic both within the site and in relation to access streets.
            2.   Satisfactory and harmonious relationships between the development on the site and the existing and prospective development of contiguous land and adjacent neighbors.
         C.   The proposed method of surface drainage control including the methods from storm water detention and erosion prevention.