(a)    Appointment. The City Compliance Officer/Project Coordinator's shall be synonymous with that of "Zoning Inspector" as identified below and elsewhere in the Codified Ordinances and non-codified legislation.
   (b)    Duties of the Zoning Inspector. It shall be the duty of the Zoning Inspector to administer and enforce this Zoning Code.
   (c)    Duties of the Zoning Inspector.  For the purposes of administering and enforcing this Zoning Code, the Zoning Inspector shall have the following duties:
      (1)    Develop and distribute applications for all permits, certificates, appeals, amendments, and the like, which are necessary for effective administration of this Zoning Code.
      (2)    Approve or deny applications for zoning certificates, and the like, upon determination of compliance with this Zoning Code.
      (3)    Make lawful entry upon premises within the City in order to obtain evidence, issue citations and Notices of violation in order to determine compliance with this Zoning Code and Chapter 13 of the Codified Ordinances relating to the City's Building Code, or as stated elsewhere in the Codified Ordinances.
      (4)    Maintain complete and current records concerning actions taken in conjunction with this Zoning Code, including a listing of nonconforming uses.
      (5)    Take any other actions or perform any such administrative duties as are authorized by this Zoning Code or as permitted by law.
      (6)    Initiate, direct, and review, from time to time, the provisions of this Zoning Code and make reports of his or her recommendations to the Planning Commission no less frequently than once a calendar year.
      (7)    To act as the "Code Official" for purposes of the International Property Maintenance Code.
   (d)    Code Enforcement Officer. The Director of Public Service and Safety is hereby authorized to hire one (1) part-time miscellaneous employee to assist the Compliance Officer/Project Coordinator, and who is authorized to exercise the duties of the Compliance Officer/Project Coordinator as stated, above, in Divisions (c)(3), and (7), effective March 16, 2018.  (Ord. 2018-22.  Passed 5-1-18.)