(a)   Applications Generally. Applications for certificates, permits, amendments variances, appeals, and the like shall be developed by and available from the Zoning Inspector.  Accompanying each application for a certificate, permit, and the like shall be a plot plan, drawn to scale, and other plans as may be necessary to show the location and type of buildings to be erected, alterations to be made, or use of buildings and land.
      (1)   Each plan shall show the following.
         A.   The street providing access to the lot, and the exact location of the lot in relation to the nearest intersecting streets.
         B.   The name of the subdivision, if any, in which the lot is located and lot number.
         C.   The dimensions of the lot and the exact size and location and existing buildings on the lot, if any; and the location and dimensions of the proposed building or buildings, addition, or alteration.
         D.   Any other information which in the judgment of the Zoning Inspector may be necessary to provide for the enforcement of this Zoning Code.
      (2)   The Zoning Inspector may require the applicant to furnish a survey of the lot by a registered engineer or surveyor.
      (3)   The applicant or authorized agent shall be required to attest to the correctness of the statements and data furnished with this application.
   (b)   Applications for Certificates and Permits.  The permits required for effective implementation of this Zoning Code shall include, but not be limited to, the following.
      (1)   Zoning certificates shall be required prior to erecting, constructing,  enlarging, converting, moving. adding to, or altering any building or structure.  Also, a zoning certificate shall be required prior to changing or establishing a use contained within any building, structure or lot.  The process for obtaining a zoning certificate is detailed in Section 1107.02.
      (2)   Conditional use permits are required prior to establishment of any conditional use permit identified for the individual zoning districts of Chapter 1127.  The process for obtaining a conditional use permit is detailed in Section 1109.03.
      (3)   Home occupation permits shall be required prior to the establishment of any home occupation.  The process for obtaining a home occupation permit is  detailed in Chapter 1143.
      (4)   Other permits may be established and required by the Zoning Inspector when necessary for effective administration of this Zoning Code.
   (c)   Other Applications.  So that this Zoning Code can accommodate change and also allow for appeals from decisions made by the Zoning Inspector and the Board of Zoning  Appeals, other applications shall be necessary.  These shall include, but not be limited to, the following.
      (1)   Amendments to this Zoning Code may be initiated by any resident, property owner, or authorized agent within the City.  The procedure for amending is Zoning Code is detailed in Chapter 1111.  Obtaining an amendment to the Zoning Code does not supersede the requirements of any permit, certificate, and the like.
      (2)   Appeals to the Board of Zoning Appeals may be made from decisions or interpretations by the Zoning Inspector.  Appeals are required to be filed within 20 working days after the Zoning Inspector has made a  determination on the zoning certificate application.  The appeal procedure is detailed in Chapter 1109.
      (3)   Variances from a literal interpretation of this Zoning Code may be granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Variances can only be issued subsequent to a determination by the Zoning Inspector.  The variance procedure is detailed in Chapter 1109.
   (d)   Nonconforming Use Certificate.  A nonconforming use certificate shall be issued by the Zoning Inspector for any lawful nonconforming use created by the adoption of this Zoning Code or any amendments thereto.  No fees shall be required for the issuance of this certificate.