A.   Tax Imposed: There is hereby imposed a tax of five percent (5%) per year on the tariff charges for exchange telephone service or its equivalent of the local exchange telephone company providing service within the town. The tax shall continue until changed by a vote of the people as provided by 63 Oklahoma Statutes section 2814A, and any amendments thereto. (1995 Code title 7 § 4.3; amd. 2006 Code)
   B.   Collection Of Tax: The tax shall be collected monthly by the local exchange company and forwarded, within thirty (30) days of the close of the month in which such taxes were collected, to the town clerk.
   C.   Disposition Of Revenues: The funds collected from this tax shall be spent for engineering, installation, administration and other recurring or one time costs necessary to implement, administer, operate and maintain emergency 911 telephone service in the town.
   D.   Administrative Fee: The local exchange company providing exchange telephone service within the town shall be entitled to retain as an administrative fee, three percent (3%) of the tax imposed and collected pursuant to subsection A of this section.
   E.   Duties Of Chief Of Police:
      1.   The chief of police is hereby authorized to administer the emergency 911 telephone service in the town.
      2.   The chief of police is hereby authorized to cooperate with other governing bodies who may impose a similar tax and who wish to participate with the town in emergency 911 telephone service. (1995 Code title 7 § 4.3)