Fees and charges for administering and processing this code are hereby fixed as follows:
   A.   Filing Of Applications:
R-1, R-2, HP and HL   $ 50.00
R-3, R-4   100.00
CBD, C-1, C-2 and C-3   100.00
I-1 and I-2   100.00
   (Ord. 1997-3-1, 3-10-1997; amd. 2006 Code)
The above fees shall apply to the first five (5) acres, or fraction thereof, and shall increase by five dollars ($5.00) per each additional acre or fraction of acre thereof.
   B.   Notices:
      1.   Notice of appeal: Twenty five dollars ($25.00).
      2.   Publications:
         a.   Publication of notice: Twenty five dollars ($25.00) or actual cost of publication, whichever is greater.
         b.   Notice by sign: Fifty dollars ($50.00) or actual cost of posting of sign, whichever is greater.
      3.   Applicants whose applications require notice to property owners within three hundred feet (300'), inclusive of streets and alleys, shall pay the cost of an abstractor's certificate showing the names of such property owners and addresses.
      4.   Applicants are responsible for the cost of public notice, including, but not limited to, signs, newspaper publications and cost of public notice by mail. Such costs will be invoked at actual cost of such notice. (Ord. 1997-3-1, 3-10-1997)