Where the zoning code provides for the use permissible upon review, the following procedure is established:
   A.   Application For Review: Applications for review shall be filed with the secretary of the planning commission at least seven (7) days prior to the next regular meeting of the commission. The application shall show the location and intended use of the site, the names of the property owners and existing land uses within three hundred feet (300'), exclusive of streets and alleys, and any other information pertinent to the request that the commission may require.
   B.   Hearing And Notice Requirements: The commission shall fix the date, time and place of a public hearing. The public notice shall be the same as subsections 12-2-7C1 and C2 of this chapter.
   C.   Planning Commission Recommendation: The commission shall, within forty five (45) days after said public hearing, make a recommendation to the board of trustees. (Ord. 1997-3-1, 3-10-1997)