A.   Town Administrator And Town Clerk:
      1.   Designated As Administration And Enforcement Officials: The town administrator, or his designated representative, and town clerk shall administer and enforce the zoning code. They may be provided with the assistance of such other persons as the board of trustees may direct.
      2.   Powers And Duties:
         a.   If the administrative officials shall find that any of the provisions of the zoning code are being violated, they shall notify in writing the person responsible for such violation, indicating the nature of the violation and ordering the action necessary to correct it.
         b.   The administrative officials shall order discontinuance of illegal buildings or structures or of illegal additions, alterations, or structural changes; discontinuance of any illegal work being done; or shall take any other action authorized by this zoning code to ensure compliance with or to prevent violation of its provisions.
         c.   It shall be the responsibility of the town clerk for the planning commission to fix the date, time and place, the publication and mailing notices as required by this zoning code and conduct the public hearings and report on the public hearings with its recommendations for action to be taken by the town board of trustees.
   B.   General Procedures:
      1.   It is the intent of the zoning code that all questions of interpretation and enforcement shall be first presented to the town administrator or designated representative, and that such questions shall be presented to the board of adjustment only on appeal from the decision of the town administrator, and that recourse from the decisions of the board of adjustment shall be to the courts as provided by law.
      2.   It is further the intent of this zoning code that the duties of the board of trustees in connection with the zoning code shall not include hearing and deciding questions of interpretation and enforcement that may arise. The procedure for deciding such questions shall be as stated in this zoning code.
      3.   Under this zoning code, the board of trustees shall have only the duties:
         a.   Of considering and or rejecting proposed amendments or the repealing of this zoning code, as provided by law; and
         b.   Establishing a schedule of fees and charges as stated in section 12-2-9 of this chapter.
   C.   Code Of Ethics: The mayor or any member of the town board of trustees, planning commission, or board of adjustment to whom some private benefit, direct or indirect, financial or otherwise, may come as a result of a public action concerning this zoning code, shall not be a participant in that action. The possibility, not the actuality, of a conflict shall govern. The individual experiencing a conflict of interest shall declare his interest, abstain from voting on the matter, and refrain from any deliberation on the matter. The individual shall not discuss the matter with a fellow official for the purpose of influencing a decision thereon. Any violation of this code of ethics by any member of the town planning commission or board of adjustment shall be subject to removal by a majority vote of the town board of trustees. Any violation of this code of ethics by a member of the town board of trustees shall make the action taken by the town board of trustees null and void. (Ord. 1997-3-1, 3-10-1997)