A.   Nuisance Conditions: The following conditions are hereby declared to be a nuisance:
      1.   Noise: Any dog or other animal which, by barking, howling or otherwise, disturbs the peace and quiet of any person;
      2.   Turning Over Garbage Containers: Any dog or other animal which goes into any garbage can or other waste vessel, or turns the same over or scatters the contents of the same on the ground; and
      3.   Chasing Vehicles; Intimidating Persons: Any dog or other animal which chases cars, motorcycles, bicycles or any other motor vehicle or intimidates joggers, pedestrians or children.
   B.   Enforcement: Any dog or other animal alleged to be a nuisance, as defined in this section, may be proceeded against in the municipal court after a complaint has been duly filed therein by any person having knowledge thereof, and if the court shall find that such dog or other animal is a nuisance, then the court may order the owner or person in possession to prevent and abate such nuisance, or the court may order such dog or animal impounded, and the owner or person in possession may have the dog or other animal returned upon paying all costs of impounding and giving good and sufficient bond, in the sum as set by the town, conditioned that he will prevent and abate such nuisance. Thirty (30) days thereafter, such owner or person in possession may present to the court evidence that the nuisance has been abated and prevented, and the court may, upon such hearing, order the bond returned. (1995 Code title 4 § 1.1.7)