6-1-7: POULTRY:
Every owner or keeper of poultry shall observe the following practices: (1995 Code title 4 § 1.1.12; amd. 2006 Code)
   A.   The distance between the exterior limits of the place where such poultry is kept and the exterior limits of the place where the nearest dwelling occupied by any person other than the owner or keeper shall be at least one hundred feet (100');
   B.   Every keeper of poultry shall confine the same in an enclosure sufficient to prevent their running at large. Such enclosure shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times;
   C.   Every keeper of poultry shall cause the litter and droppings therefrom to be collected daily and stored in a receptacle of ratproof and flytight construction. All litter and droppings so collected shall be disposed of at least once each week; and
   D.   Feed provided for such poultry shall be stored in a ratproof, flytight container. (1995 Code title 4 § 1.1.12)