6-1-6: HORSES:
The following regulations shall apply to every owner or keeper of horses, and the following practices shall be observed:
   A.   The distance between the barn or building where such horses are kept shall be at least one hundred feet (100') from the nearest occupied dwelling, except the owner's dwelling;
   B.   Every keeper of horses shall keep the enclosure where the horses are confined in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and shall prevent any obnoxious odors from arising from such premises and shall remove the litter and animal excrement from the premises at least once each day. The keeper shall take the proper remedies to prevent flies and other insects from accumulating in and around the premises; and
   C.   63 Oklahoma Statutes section 1-1011 relating to health nuisances shall be made a part hereof, and the owner or keeper of horses shall be subject to all of the provisions of said statutory section. (1995 Code title 4 § 1.1.11)