A miniature pig may be kept as normal merchandise in commercially zoned property, or may be kept as a household pet in single- family residential or duplex property under the following conditions:
   A.   Each such miniature pig shall be a pet which is kept for personal enjoyment and not raised for human consumption.
   B.   There shall not be more than two (2) miniature pigs in excess of six (6) months of age at each residence.
   C.   The miniature pigs must be kept by their owners in a manner which does not violate other ordinances of the town nor create a nuisance to the neighborhood.
   D.   Miniature pigs must be kept confined within the building in which they are housed or within any associated fenced yards, or held by a harness and leash under the control of the owner or the owner's representative. (1995 Code title 4 §