for siting wireless communication facilities shall be accompanied by the following information as determined necessary by the at the pre- conference:
   A.   Existing analysis. An evaluation of the feasibility of either locating the facility on an existing or , or co-locating the subject facility with other facilities on an existing monopole as an alternative to the requested permit. The existing analysis must include:
      1.   The location and ownership of existing telecommunications within the cell service area (not to exceed two miles);
      2.   Written verification and other documentation revealing the availability of existing /facilities/ and/or cooperation shown by other providers to gain to existing /facilities/ which will meet the needs of the ;
      3.   The tower type and height of potential co-location facilities and/or the height of other potential support ; and
      4.   Where appropriate, the specific reasons why co-location is not feasible.
   B.   Alternative . Alternative locations within 250 feet of the proposed .
   C.   Visual impacts analysis. An analysis of the visual impacts of the proposed facility on residential within 250 feet of the proposed and an assessment of potential measures, including relocation.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)