§ 17.7.065  STANDARDS.
   The shall not change the residential character of the and shall meet all of the following standards and limitations.
   A.   Any product produced on- for sale must be hand manufactured or grown using only hand tools or domestic mechanical equipment. Such domestic mechanical equipment shall not exceed horsepower or other measurements of power, which would typically be used by a residential homeowner.
   B.   There shall be no of material or products on the premises. Indoor storage of material or products shall not exceed the limitations imposed by the Building, Fire, Health and Housing Codes.
   C.   The shall not generate vehicular traffic measurably in excess of that normally associated with single- uses.
   D.   No more than 20% of the of the shall be used for the .
   E.   One shall be permitted, not exceeding six square feet in area, non-illuminated and professionally prepared.
   F.   The shall not cause the elimination of required off- parking.
   G.   The shall not cause any external effects such as increased noise, excessive lighting or excessive odor that is incompatible with the characteristics of the residential zone, or in violation of any applicable government code.
   H.   There shall be no more than two outside paid .
   I.   A business is required for the .
   J.   All marijuana-related activities are prohibited as a
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2016-7, passed 3-28-2016)