Within seven (7) days following the effective date of an Ordinance adopted in accordance Section 162.08, the Clerk of Council shall direct the Director of Economic Development of the Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance to notify the eligible applicant of the award of Job Creation Incentive Program assistance, the annual amount of the award, the number of years the award is to be paid, the number of eligible jobs required to be created as a precondition to receipt of the award and the minimum aggregate new annual payroll required to be paid to employees serving in newly created eligible jobs as a precondition to receipt of the award. The Notice of Award shall be delivered to the grant recipient by personal delivery of U.S. Mail and shall clearly state that payment of the award is contingent on the recipient's achievement of the eligible job creation and aggregate new annual payroll requirements recited therein and annual appropriation of the necessary funds.  (Ord. 1900.  Passed 8-11-16.)