(A)   Non-resident or non-qualified individuals who desire parking decals may purchase the decals from the Parking Contractor.
   (B)   The cost of the parking decals may be set or changed by City Council from time to time or at such times as City Council desires.
   (C)   The maximum number of parking decals which can be sold and the decal price shall be set periodically by City Council.
   (D)   To obtain a parking decal under this section will require identification in the form of a driver’s license or some other type of picture identification and a check or cash for the amount owed.
   (E)   The Parking decals shall be affixed to the lower left corner of vehicles’ windshields.
   (F)   Non-residential or non-qualified parking decals shall expire on December 31 of each year.
   (G)   Non-residential or non-qualified parking decals shall be valid in paid parking spaces except for the lots at 2nd Street East and 3rd Street West.
   (H)   The entity that issues non-residents’ parking decals shall ensure that only one application for parking decals is approved and shall maintain a record of the addresses of non-residential or non-qualified individuals that receive parking decals and of the vehicles on which the decals are to be placed.
   (I)   Non-residential parking decals shall not be sold, bartered, loaned, or given away. A violation of this section shall result in the loss of the non-residential or non-qualified parking permits for a period of one year. A second violation shall result in the permanent loss of parking permits.
(Ord. 13-13, passed 5-28-13; Am. Ord. 03-17, passed 2-14-17; Am. Ord. 36-19, passed 1-14-20; Am. Ord. 01-21, passed 2-9-21)