§ 134.50  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this subchapter is:
   (A)   To ensure that vessel owners are responsibly using the city's waterways without causing undue environmental harm, creating hazardous conditions, or leaving derelict and abandoned vessels in the waterways; and
   (B)   To prevent environmental harm of spilled fuel, human waste, or other pollutants that can be associated with derelict or live aboard vessels not properly pumped or maintained; and
   (C)   To protect human life and navigation hazards associated with over-crowded waterways, haphazardly moored vessels, or sunken vessels, particularly near public boat landings and other crowded areas; and
   (D)   To protect, preserve, restore, and enhance the city's natural waterways and marshes; and
   (E)   To prevent damage to public bridges and boat landings, and private docks and marinas through improperly moored or listing vessels; and
   (F)   To prevent wasteful tax expenditures for the cost of removing sunken and abandoned vessels.
(Ord. 22-20, passed 10-13-20)