(A)   Whenever any ordinance designates and describes a through street, there shall be a stop sign on every street intersecting the through street or intersecting portion thereof, described and designated as such by any ordinance, unless traffic at any intersection is controlled at all times by traffic-control signals.  At the intersection of 2 through streets or at the intersection of a through street and a heavy traffic street not so designated, stop signs shall be erected at the approaches of either of the streets.
   (B)   Every sign erected pursuant to this section shall bear the word “STOP” in letters not less than 8 inches in height; and the signs shall at nighttime be rendered luminous by steady or flashing internal illumination, or by a fixed floodlight projected on the face of the sign, or by efficient reflecting elements on the face of the sign.  Every stop sign shall be located as near as practicable at the nearest line of the crosswalk on the side of the intersection or, if none, at the nearest line of the roadway.