Attendance to all meetings is required with respect to being a Commission member.  However, if a member is required to be absent, the member can miss up to 25% of regularly scheduled meetings per year.  If a member misses more than 25% of the regular meetings, then the person shall be removed from the Commission by a simple majority vote of the Commission.  If the person believes that his or her absenteeism is justified and would like to continue as a member on the Commission, that person shall write a letter to the Commission requesting a leave of absence from the Commission or reinstatement. However, any granting of a leave of absence or reinstatement shall require approval from the Commission before one is granted.  If a leave is not approved or one has not been requested within 5 days of missing 25% of the regular meetings, then the Chairperson of the Commission shall notify the Town Council that that member is no longer a Commission member and that the Commission has begun looking for a replacement to recommend to Town Council.
(Ord. O-96-2, passed 4-8-1996)