§ 130.01  DEFINITIONS.
   In addition to the common meanings of words, the following definitions shall be applicable herein:
   MALT BEVERAGE.  Beer, lager, malt liquor, ale, porter and any other brewed or fermented beverage containing at least 0.5% and not more than 6% alcohol by volume.
   OPEN CONTAINER.  A container whose seal has been broken or a container other than the manufacturer’s unopened original container.
   PUBLIC STREET.  Any highway, road, street, avenue, boulevard, alley, bridge or other way within and/or under the control of the town and open to public use, including the sidewalks of any such STREET.
   UNFORTIFIED WINE.  Wine that has an alcoholic content produced only by natural fermentation or by the addition of pure cane, beet or dextrose sugar, and that has an alcoholic content of not more than 17% alcohol by volume.
(Ord. O-95-7, passed 11-13-1995)
Statutory reference:
   Malt beverage defined, see G.S. § 18B-101(9)
   Open container defined, see G.S. § 18B-300(c)
   Unfortified wine defined, see G.S. § 18B-101(15)