(A)   (1)   The Town of Fletcher Planning Board, herein after referred to as the Board, shall consist of 8 members, including one from the extra-territorial jurisdiction (E.T.J.). 
      (2)   Residential requirements for appointed Board members shall be as follows:  Planning Board members are required to be ad-valorem taxpayers within the Town of Fletcher.  Determination of members’ qualifications will be done by the Tax Collector.  Members are also required to be registered voters with the Henderson County Board of Elections.
(Am. Ord. O-94-07, passed 7-11-1994)
   (B)   The Planning Board shall consist of 8 members, 7 members located within the municipal limits of Fletcher, and one from the extra-territorial jurisdiction.  This shall conform to the proportional representation requirements under G.S. § 160A-362.  The Town Council shall appoint the members from the municipality.  The Henderson County Board of Commissioners shall appoint the Planning Board member from the extraterritorial jurisdiction.  The member appointed from the E.T.J. shall be a current resident of this area.
   (C)   All 8 members of the Board shall have equal rights, privileges and duties regardless of whether the issues being considered and acted upon are within the corporate limits of the Town of Fletcher or within its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
(Ord. O-92-1, passed 2-13-1992; Am. Ord. O-99-2, passed 2-15-1999)