(A)   Every contract, change or amendment thereto, shall be authorized or approved by the legislative body before the chief executive officer executes it.
   (B)   Every contract of the city, except small purchases, shall be approved by the City Council as to form and legality.
   (C)   The Mayor is responsible for administration of the procurement function.
      (1)   The Mayor may delegate to a purchasing officer and/or to department heads such authority as may be appropriate.
      (2)   Any delegation of purchasing authority shall be in writing.
      (3)   No delegation shall be made to the purchasing officer of the city, or a department head of the city, to award any contract in excess of $300.00. This limit shall apply to all purchases of a non-recurring nature.
   (D)   No contract shall be awarded for an amount, which exceeds the sum authorized by the budget for the procurement.
(Ord. 10-09-1, passed 10-12-09) Penalty, see § 33.99