§ 33.26 SCOPE.
   (A)   This investment policy applies to all financial assets held directly by the city. These financial assets are accounted for in the city's annual financial report and include all moneys in the following funds:
      (1)   General fund;
      (2)   CBDG funds;
      (3)   Debt service funds;
      (4)   Sinking funds;
      (5)   Reserve account funds;
      (6)   Utility depreciation funds;
      (7)   Fire engine fund;
      (8)   Water works fund;
      (9)   Waste water treatment fund; and
      (10)   Any new fund created by the governing body.
   (B)   Financial assets of the entity held and invested by trustees or fiscal agents are excluded from these policies; however, such assets shall be invested in accordance with state laws applicable to the investment of local government funds and in accordance with the city's primary investment objectives.
(Ord. 12-94-1, passed 12-19-94)